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Ready for your first sonogram? Why settle for 2D, when you can see your baby in 3D? With our brand-new 3D and 4D fetal imaging machine, you will be able to see your baby up close like never before. You will receive a realistic view of your baby, and maybe even catch a baby smile or stretch! The cost is only $99. Check out the special price offer for the YOLO County Fair!

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The 3D BabyBump Boutique is located in the Pregnancy Support Group office in downtown Woodland, CA just off Main street. Our exam room is clean and comfortable, and your sonogram will be performed by a trained professional. We never rush, and make sure to spend the time neccessary to give you the ideal 3D image of your baby.

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The 3D BabyBump Boutique is operated as part of the Pregnancy Support Group of Woodland, which provides resources for at-risk mothers to have happy and healthy babies. Every paid 3D sonogram assists in covering the cost of a sonogram for a pregnant woman in-need from the community.

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